Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vancouver Marathon 2016 Training

I run slow.  Very slow.

My focus has always been on finishing and little more.  I can slog through 11+ hour runs and get the job done but never at a fast pace.

This year I plan to run a lot faster and my sights are set on the 2016 Vancouver Marathon which is run on May 1st 2016.

The average marathon finish time for men in 2015 was about 4 hours and 19 mins. My best is about 5 hours. See what I mean about being slow?

My goal time for the Vancouver Marathon is four hours, a whopping one hour quicker.

How do I plan to achieve this?  Several ways.

  • Lose weight
    Simple physics states that the less I weigh, the faster I can go.

    I am 6 foot 2 (188 cm) and weigh about 195 pounds (88 kg).  According to BMI tables, this puts me right on the borderline between overweight and normal.

    Scott Jurek, one of the all time great ultra runners is my height and weighs about 175 pounds.  So that seems as good as goal as any.

    20 pounds to lose in six months seems very doable.
  • Eat Clean
    My diet is very clean.  I don’t eat meat or dairy.  Kale smoothie anyone? Yum!

    But then it flips and is becomes very bad.  Sometimes I will eat something like a chocolate cookie. “Just one,”  I tell myself.  Ten minutes later the entire box is gone.

    I had to ask my wife not to open the Halloween candy box, because I knew if I ate one, I’d soon demolish the whole box.

    It’s like I have some sort of processed sugar addictions.  Getting rid of the processed sugar will no doubt help in losing weight.

    As soon as I finish a current cleanse/weight loss thing I am doing, I am going to do this 22 day Vegan challenge. I can’t wait to see the positive effects and increased energy levels that will no doubt come.
  • Track Workouts
    Legendary runner Bart Yasso used to do track workouts that consisted doing 800 meter repeats as fast as you can, followed by a 400 meter slow jog.  These became so popular they were dubbed “Yassos”.

    Bart Yasso found that his average time for a “Yasso” correlated to his marathon time.

    If his average was 3 minutes and 30 seconds, then his marathon time would be 3 hours and 30 minutes.  An average time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds, would mean a marathon time of 4 hours and 20 minutes.  And so on.

    So, once a week, I will hitting the track hard to gauge how well I am progressing on my goal.
  • Get Strong
    A stronger body means I will be less prone to injury and can maintain good running form for long periods of time.

    So my running training will be interspersed with lots of squat, lunge, plank, and dead-lift variations.  I followed this plan post Whistler 50 and I am already feeling the benefits.  If nothing else, my posture has gotten much better.
  • Lotsa running

So that’s the goal.  Shaving off one hour from a marathon is going to be tough, but seems doable in six months.

I plan to update this blog once a week with my progress.

Stay tuned!


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