Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Modo 8K Spring Run Off

March 8th saw spring arrive in Vancouver and the traditional dash around Stanley Park in the form of the Modo 8K Spring Run Off.

Shorter runs are all about pain.  How much pain are you prepared to endure and for how long?  After some initial dodging of slower runners, I locked into my goal pace and gritted my teeth as the pain kicked in.

44 minutes and 27 seconds later I crossed the finishing line gasping and in a decent amount of pain, but happy to come in under 45 mins.  I came in the middle of the middle.  32 out of 61 runners in my age category.  I'm fine with that as I know I can go faster as my weight continues to drop.

This run comes highly recommended.  There were about 500 other racers, a beautiful course, and all the trappings of a bigger race such as medals, chipped timing, and professional photographers.

Next up, the 30K run at Birch Bay in Washington.

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