Saturday, April 6, 2013

Running the Birch Bay 15K

In the hotel, just before the race

Better.  Much much better than the disaster that was the 10K Chilly Chase.

The bottom line was I did the 15K course in 1 hour and 36 mins.

While this was a little slower than the 1 hour 30 I had initially set myself, I felt I still had a lot in the tank and could have pushed it harder and made up the 6 minutes.

This bodes well for running a sub 2 hour half marathon come May 5th.

I learned that the half marathon will have Pace Bunnies.  These racers will wear rabbit ears and have signs on them like "2 hour half marathon pace".  The plan is to stick with the bunnies and not let them out of my sight come hell or high water.

My tactic for this race was to run behind runners who looked fitter than me and try to keep pace with them.

I initially stuck behind a group of three runners who were running at a decent clip. They decided to take a walking break after about 7 km, so I had to zip around them. A runner from my running group overtook me, so I locked into her pace and ran the last 8 km or so with her.  High fives ensued when we crossed the finishing line.

Best thing about the race:  Watching a bald eagle take off from the coast and fly just over top of me.  Neat.

Worst thing about the race: A big stupid man in his big stupid truck towing his big stupid trailer barging his way past all the runners moments before the race.  Why he couldn't have waited 5 minutes is beyond me.

Worst still, the big stupid man in his big stupid truck towing his big stupid trailer pulled right out in front of me with about 1 km to go in the race.  I had to slow down to a walking pace for fear of running into his big stupid truck.

What a selfish prick.

Despite the idiot, I had a great race and feel really good with my pace.  Roll on the Vancouver Half Marathon!

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