Monday, March 11, 2013

Cranking out the mileage in Vancouver

My running shoes of choice
This Sunday, the running group and I went for a gentle 19-odd-km lope around Vancouver.

I have itching to get out and do some serious after a week of foot icing and it felt great!

The course we followed was an approximation of the half-marathon course that we will all be running on May 5th.

19km is getting seriously close to the 21.2 km half-marathon.  While my legs were no doubt tired trudging up Cambie Drive as I approached the end of the run, I am sure I had an additional 2km in them.

So now it is not a question of finishing, but a question of how fast I can finish.  A sub 2-hour time is still in my sights, but I worry that all this time off is going to put me behind.  

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