Monday, March 18, 2013

Dehydration Blues

Hydration on the run.
After my half marathon training run, I crashed.

Nausea and lethargy consumed me. I think it is because I got dehydrated.

Even now, more the 24 hours after I finished, I feel like crap.  Even my skin feels dry.

I consumed about 750 ml on my 2-and-a-half hour run. Various sites I've checked out say that should have been more like 2,000 ml.

I usually wear a waist pack with little bottles that come on and off.  I can carry about 500 ml of water with the these. Not nearly enough.

Time to switch to a 2 liter Camelbak methinks.

It will mean carrying an additional 2kg on my back, but considering I've lost 6.3 kg since January, it's no biggie.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Half Marathon in the books

In my training today I went in excess (just!) of a half-marathon.

Seems a little odd I know. To be training more than your target distance.

It felt really good out there. The time wasn't anything to write home about (2 hours 37 mins).

Most of the running was on gravel, so I am sure the time will get much better on the long flat roads in Vancouver.

Onward and upward! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving on up

A portion of the hill I ran
I like running up hill better than down hill.

There I said it. I hope that doesn't make some sort of weird masochist.

I think going downhill is a less controlled experience.  Your foot sometimes slips a little, you're forever bracing yourself to prevent going too fast and toppling over, and the constant pounding of your feet all add up to a less than pleasing run.

Going uphill is fantastic though.  I love just locking into a rhythm and powering my up the hill.

I recently did a 10km run over one of the big hills around my house and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the heavy rain.  There was about a 200 meter gain.

I plan to do this run once a week. It really builds up the leg muscles and helps with stamina.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cranking out the mileage in Vancouver

My running shoes of choice
This Sunday, the running group and I went for a gentle 19-odd-km lope around Vancouver.

I have itching to get out and do some serious after a week of foot icing and it felt great!

The course we followed was an approximation of the half-marathon course that we will all be running on May 5th.

19km is getting seriously close to the 21.2 km half-marathon.  While my legs were no doubt tired trudging up Cambie Drive as I approached the end of the run, I am sure I had an additional 2km in them.

So now it is not a question of finishing, but a question of how fast I can finish.  A sub 2-hour time is still in my sights, but I worry that all this time off is going to put me behind.