Monday, January 28, 2013

Disastrous Chilly Chase Run

Optimism abounds
at the start
Worst.  Run.  Ever.

There is no other way to describe my Chilly Chase Run.

The Chilly Chase goes around False Lake.  I have ran around False Creek many many times. This one was by far the worse.

The first 5km went okay.  They I turned the corner, walked for a bit to down a gel and grab some water and bam!, my right foot seized up noticeably.  It was a little sore before the event from a previous mishap, but not too bad.

I hobbled along and try to run again.  Limping noticeably my right foot started to go with noticeable tightness in my left achilles tendon.   So now both feet were messed up.

Just to make my day of misery even worse, a 9 year old girl cruised right pass me.

My breezy 5.30 per km pace slipped all the way to 7:38 by the time I hit the end.

I have previously done the course in 58:57.  This time an abominable 66:45.

And then, just so life could pick me and slap me around and make me feel like a complete idiot, my nipples bled.  Yep, that curse of male runners struck me.  I have ran much further and faster with no problems, but not today.  It was humble pie day.

Lately I've started to feel like a runner. Like someone who can run far and fast.  I started to feel great about running.  The Chilly Chase has slapped me back.

I love running.   I want to run and run and run.  But I can't for the next two weeks or so; both of my feet feel terrible.  I'll be hitting the gym in lieu of running.

So, what is to be learned from this?

  • Don't run until your niggles are 100% gone.

  • Don't change anything for race day
    I usually wear a water belt and keep myself well hydrated during the run.  I didn't this time because I was told there would be water stops.  There were, but just piddly little cups with water. Not nearly enough to keep me hydrated.

  • I can run with pain.
    Hopefully this might come in handy in the last 500 meters of the upcoming half-marathon.

  • Invest in nipple protection.
    Ugh.  So embarrassing   
This has been a big slap down for me.  Soon, I will rise again and look back at the Chilly Chase and laugh as I cruise through the finishing gate at the Vancouver Half Marathon in less than two hours.


  1. Cheer up, buddy! One challenging race won't stop you. The training is still there, and you'll just continue to improve with each race. There will be setbacks, but they don't mean you are "off course."

    And personally, I think it's pretty cool that your nipples bled. That's the sign of a true runner! You've been initiated into the club!! ;-)

  2. Hey Malc,
    Most runners have stink days when our bodies tell us to chill out and have the day off. It's the great runners, or rather, the real runners who listen to their bodies more closely, and then get up and go out there and run some more after that.
    Looking forward to seeing you out there; all in time,

  3. REST, strengthening, and a good physical therapist or athletic trainer can cure that without surgery. Along with ice and oral anti-inflammatories. You might have to go into a boot for a few weeks, depending on the severity...