Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vomiting at the most important meeting of the trip

Back firing on all
I pride myself on my cast iron stomach.

I have only gotten really sick once on all my travels and that was in the Philippines.  I think that was just plain old food poisoning and it could have just as easily happen in any country in the world

Even my cast iron stomach could not combat the dreaded Delhi Belly however.

I was feeling okay when I went to bed, but then the Delhi Belly kicked in and I was up and down throughout the night.

The next morning was when our contact Kumar was due to come.  I was feeling okay, not great but was hanging in there.

When Kumar arrived and we started talking, the Delhi Belly hit again.  I quickly excused myself from the meeting and emptied my mostly empty stomach one more time.   Very professional.

I am very lucky that I am part of such a wonderful team here in Nepal and they carried the meeting as I fought my stomach throughout the meeting.

Sleeping throughout the rest of the day has seen my return to full health.

See here for the outcome of the meeting.

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  1. Been there done that, its not a good experience. Mine was Bali Belly and my first day at work at an accounting firm called Taylor McLachlan. Be safe.