Friday, November 23, 2012

Target Location Found!

Meeting with village elders
After too many setbacks, we have finally found our target location: Rithepani village!

Rithepani is about 20km from the Pokhara township.

The fine folk from the WSDO organization took us to the village and introduced us to community leaders.

The village is gorgeous and the community so welcoming.  We were both given a silk scarf upon arrival and numerous flowers from wonderful ladies.

We had a tour of the WSDO offices and then talked to the community leaders and came up with plans going forward.

Heather and I will spend the weekend in the village, including an overnight stay.   This will give us a much better grasp of the community.  We will walk and talk, and then walk and talk some more.

More details about Rithepani will follow once we've spent some more time in the village.

Very excited!

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