Friday, November 16, 2012

Scuttled by a scrap of paper

The offending scrap of paper
This trip was researched very well.  A dedicated soul on our team did as much research about this trip as was humanly possible.  Big props.

But we have been scuttled (though not out!) by a scrap of paper.

We need to register an INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) here in Nepal.  The INGO is the legal entity that would own the land, the school assets, employ the staff and so on.

It is very difficult to do what we want to do without an INGO.

We waltzed inside the Social Welfare Offices today confident that we had all the necessary paperwork and that we'd walk out with the process started for registering an INGO.

Well, that was until somebody handed us a scrap of paper.

Item 4 on the list of requirements for registering an INGO reads:

Financial Commitment.  (Minimum of $US 1,00,000/00 per annum)

You'd be forgiven if you couldn't read that properly, but it means that we need to spend $US 100,000 a year internally in Nepal to register as an INGO.

We don't have that sort of money.  We can't register as an INGO.  All our plans are hanging by a thread.


Some friendly advice for our good freinds at the Social Welfare Office here in Nepal:

  1. Make it clear on your own website that you need a budget of $US 100,000 to register an INGO on your own website.

    Google searches even now reveal nothing
  2. Be a tad more professional than handing people a poorly torn scrap of paper with a typo.

    $US 1,00,000?!  Seriously?!
This has dealt us a real body blow and we are all down.  Our options are now limited.  Here is what we have narrowed it down to:

  1. A Scottish friend of mine has recommended a Nepalese man very highly.
    The man is already running his own NGO (not the absent "I") and doing good work with a limited budget.  We are frantically trying to get in contact with him
  2. Go home. Start planning for a different country.
    The Philippines, Guatamala, and Ecuador seem promising.
Option two took me ten minutes to write.  They were hard words, but they reflect the situation we are facing.

Oh, and does anyone have $US 1,00,00 a year they could spare?

Update: A glimmer of hope...

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