Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Salamat Min

There is a certain type of coolness about doing what I am doing here in Nepal.

Soon, I will be joining a Nepalese man and either driving for two days in a four wheel drive vehicle, or walking for two days, to get to a rural village.  There I will meet some village elders, tour some schools, hang out with some kids, sample the local cuisine, and immerse myself in Nepalese culture.

There are lots of people who would love that sort of adventure, but I am the lucky one who gets to do it.

I am in this fortunate position thanks to one beautiful woman back home in Canada.

While I am out here doing these meaningful (but cool!) things, she is at home holding our home and household together.

She is endlessly positive and encouraging; not only to me, but other team members as well.

She keeps the Meaningful Volunteer Nepal humming so that others can follow our story.

Soon, our roles will be reversed.  I’ll be back in Canada and she will be here in Nepal supervising the construction of the school. I know she’ll do a fine job, just like she in Uganda.

See you soon Meggy.  You are always in my thoughts.  I miss you more than you know.

Mahal kita.

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