Monday, November 26, 2012

Our plans for Rithepani

Heather talks at a community meeting
Heather Evans and I visited Rithepani recently and met with several community groups to discuss Meaningful Volunteer's role in Rithepani.

Based on those meetings and in conjunction with the community, this is what we decided:

  • The construction of a one building, two classroom solar powered school will begin in mid-October 2013
  • The school will be open to all people, regardless of caste
  • The school will be Wifi enabled
  • Preschool classes
    Preschool classes will be offered to children so that they can get that critical early boost in English literacy and give them the tools they need to succeed in\primary school
  • Adult literacy classes
    Many adults in the community with to learn English
  • Computer classes
    Computer class will be offered to the community.  Many people are excited that the school will be wifi enabled
  • Volunteers will stay in home stays
  • Volunteers can pay to attend classes in: Cooking, farming, weaving, and learning the Nepalese language
This list will no doubt grow in the coming months

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