Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the Ground in Nepal

Our hotel in Kathmandu decorated
in lights for Diwali

Made it!  Safe and sound in a hotel in Kathmandu!

Flying into Kathmandu reminded me a lot of flying into Uganda.  A lot of multi-story buildings with a third or fourth level being added in various stages.

Driving around town reminded me a lot more of the narrow streets in Manila: people’s shop fronts spilling out onto the road, a lot of guys just hanging out, children effortlessly negotiating the street traffic, and little people in little store fronts selling all manner of little items.

Patti and Melissa were waiting for us at the front of the hotel and after some hugs and quick greetings we headed out for our first Nepalese meal together.  A very scrumptious vegetarian set meal with a little bit of everything including: Afu Tareko (spicy friend potatoe), Mo mo (steamed dumpling) and, Kalo Dal (lentils infused with butter and garnished with herbs).  All for about $7.

Kathmandu is ablaze in light as people get ready for the Diwali – the Festival of Lights.  Every household is making an effort to add lights to their house.

The side walks are covered with flower decorations.

It feels good to be in the thick of things again doing meaningful work with a great team of people.

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