Thursday, November 22, 2012

A sign turns things around (again)

Ram Kali Khadka and Heather Evans
You ever feel that you need a sign to turn things around?

No bolt of lightning flashed across the sign, but an actual sign has turned things around for us.

The sign was spotted by Heather.  The sign led us to the retail shop for the WSDO organization.  We were all impressed by how well the shop was set up, and we all purchased numerous presents for folk back home.  You can check out their products here.

WSDO specialized in craft made by marginalized women in Nepal: The widows, those with hungry mouths to feed, the blind, the lame, and so on.

Given our recent troubles, we thought it be worth going to talk to WSDO.  We were lucky enough to meet up with the organization’s founder: Ram Kali Khadka.

We pitched out organization and our plans to her.  She basically asked how they could help and we instantly fell in love with her.

We will be meeting one WSDO’s staff tomorrow and they will give us a tour around some of the villages they think will benefit from our programs.

Nothing is formalized yet, but we are getting very excited here!  Watch out for some updates about the villages tomorrow

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