Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Second Scuttling

Here is a cute puppy to lift spirits
...and a second set back.

The location we had decided upon is not going to work out for various reasons and we are back to square one.

Our plan now  to is to contact as many organizations as we can in Pokhara and try to work out something with them.  We are going to focus on female empowerment NGOs

WSDO (Women's Skill Development Organization) Nepal is first on our list.

We already love this organization and have purchased many of their products to take home.  If we can't partner with them, we feel confident that at least they can give us some good contacts.

We also have a good relationship with the manager of the Boomerang Restaurant here in Pokhara.  When we meet with him, he gave us some good advice, paid for our meal, and offered to lend us a car to go explore over the weekend!  Awesome.

Plus, we will be plain old googling "Women empowerment NGO Pokhara"...

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