Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Hitting 30 and Gay for a Day

 Bzzz.  Fail.

I did not hit 30 mins on my 5km run.  Was more like 32 mins.

What went wrong?

Walkers!  Ugh.  The first kilometre or so I spent walking. The runners-to-the-left and walkers-to-the-right rule clearly held no sway.  Nothing much I could do when faced with a wall of walkers.

Ah well.  In the end I had a pleasant run around the beautiful Stanley Park in Vancouver.  That's gotta be a good thing.

I had ran a 29:36 in training so I had achieved my goal. Would have been nice to have done it in the official 5km.

I was 396th out of 1125.  A sub 30 minute would have moved me to 163rd.

So what's next?

A sub 30 training run
I'm gonna be Gay for a Day as part of the Pride 10 km run that kicks of Gay Pride Week here in Vancouver.

Training starts tomorrow!.