Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Running Man: Part 2

Running Man
I've been pounding out the kilometres in my quest to get under 30 mins for 5 km.

The runs have been good and I can churn out a 32:30.

The last 2:30 seems a long way away though. So this week I am going to try two different things to increase my endurance:

  1. Run and run and run and run
    I can run good 5km times, but am a bit of a mess when I do. Sweat flies everywhere and I usually have to mop down the screen on the treadmill.  Eww!

    This week I am concentrating on runs much longer than 5km.  I plan to run for about an hour at a sub-target pace, taking a one minute walk break every ten minutes.
  2. Fartlek runs
    Fartlek (tee hee) running will see my running at an easy pace for 3 minutes, then at a crazy pace for 30 seconds and repeating until I am spent.
I am hoping that adding these two techniques to my routine that my endurance will sky rocket.

Watch this space to see how I go.

Race day in t-minus 80 days.

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