Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My quest to run 5km in under 30 mins

The shoe I ran my half marathons in
In a previous life, I ran a couple of half marathons.

"Ran" is perhaps too generous a term.  Technically it was running, but practically I had fast walkers over taking me.  Sheer bloody mindedness got me to the finishing lines and I was gonna run the whole why come hell or high-water.

It felt good to finish, but it just wasn't that fast.

Now, I am setting my eyes on a new goal: Run 5 kilometres in under 30 mins.  This is not fast (the world record is 12:37), but is still much faster than a walk!

I have my eyes set on the 5km event at Stanley Park in Vancouver on June 24th.  That's 87 days away.

I have been churning out 5km runs about 4 times a week.  My best time is 32:53.  So I have to shave off about 3 mins over the next three months or so.

I've been using this gadget to track my progress (I love gadgets).  You can see my progress by clicking here (you might need to select a language first).

Yesterday was a disaster.  I ran too fast too early, crashed late, and came in at an abysmal 36:21.

Anywho, wish me luck and watch this space.

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